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UX Case Study: Ansvar Risk Management




Ansvar Insurance


Sketch, Principle, Wordpress

01. Key UX Methodologies:

  • Workshop

  • Site Mapping

  • Wireframing

  • UI Design

  • Prototyping

  • Wordpress

  • UAT

02. The Brief

To create a website for Ansvar Insurances Risk Management Department, that sits as a separate design piece to their current site.

03. Design & Content Workshop

In order to understand the scope of the project I decided to kick it off with a workshop with the clients and decision makers.

04. Site Mapping & Wireframing

To synthesise the information from the workshop into designs I sketched up a site map of all the pages then used this to create B/W lofi wireframes of all the content we had and what needed to be supplied. This was helpful in moving the design to the next stage as well and pushing the client to supply what was needed in order to get the design signed off.

05. UI Design & Prototyping

I created the UI in Sketch before jumping into WordPress. I find this easier to go back and forth with the client on finicky design changes and getting everything signed off in Sketch first. I then used Principle to mockup a quick prototype of how the full page sliders will animate. This along with the UI was enough to show how the site would work as there were not a huge amount of pages and complexity.

06. WordPress

I worked with a programmer to build the site my role was to create all the assets and upload them to the media section of wordpress. I also built the responsive sliders using revolution slider a wordpress plugin.  

06. UAT

Once the site was finished we tested everything logging all the bugs in trello cards for the programmer to look at. This was a crucial part of the process