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UX Case Study: Augmented Reality

A research project looking into potential applications of Augmented Reality in the insurance industry


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01. Key UX Methodologies:

  • 6-8-5 workshop

  • Comparative Analysis

  • Personas

  • Swot Analysis

02. The Brief

The brief was to research and brainstorm possible outcomes using AR technology. The BlipAR  app was supplied to give us an idea of how computer vision apps work to kick off the project.

The main aspects of the research was to understand barriers to use, understand where the technology is and where it is heading and how we can design for this as well as ideate possible outcomes to pitch to different clients. After this research project I also completed a day course in Design for AR and VR at Academy XI. This course went a step further and taught me the basics of designing and building apps in Blender and Unity.

03. 6-8-5 Workshop

With 2 other designers, we sat down and brainstormed 6-8 AR ideas we could do pursue in 5 minutes. We then convened and discussed our ideas and what we thought worked and what didn’t about each. This was useful in understanding how to proceed with further research.

04. Comparative Analysis

I sought our research online on the topic of AR design for web apps and native apps and synthesised my findings in a comparative table of the 2 options and the pros and cons for each.

05. Personas

With my team I undertook a series of user interviews with participants who were avid bike riders, daily commuters and leisure riders to discover servicing habits and perceptions of social enterprises. The information was critical in understanding how to approach the service design aspect of the organisation as well as any apprehensions the biking community might have using a social enterprise. Some key responses can be read below.

06. Swot Analysis

This tool helped evaluate ideas and understand where the technology is at and give us insights into how to proceed with designing for new technology.